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Benefits of Breast Feeding

Biologically, mother’s milk has numerous benefits to both mother and baby.

Not only do mother and baby seem more connected, but babies grow healthier and smarter, and a baby’s immune system is healthier as well. Scientifically, every drop of mother’s milk contains over a million immune-boosting white blood cells as well as numerous anti-bodies to help ward off infections and diseases. Doctors have long known that infants who are breast-fed contract fewer infections than do those who are given formula.

And although it is not the norm in most industrial cultures, UNICEF and the World Health Organization both advise breast-feeding to “two years and beyond.” At Keough Chiropractic, we offer support and counseling in order to assist in mother and baby’s breastfeeding journey.

How can we help with Lactation?

There is nothing more stressful as a new mom than navigating breastfeeding difficulties.

Because breastfeeding provides the best nourishment physically and emotionally for your baby, it’s best to seek help quickly.

If your pregnant and wanting to breastfeed your baby, you’ve had breastfeeding difficulties in the past, or have specific concerns during your pregnancy, we always encourage seeing our certified lactation counselor here at Keough Chiropractic.

Kadie Tannehill

Kadie TannehillLactation CounselorKadie is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping new mothers. As a mother of two children herself she knows the challenges of providing for the child in the most natural ways. She’ll help you and baby develop a feeding relationship that is right for both with her years of experience and education in lactation counseling.

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