Functional Medicine in St. Charles, MO

If you constantly struggle with chronic pain, you may already have realized that traditional medicine does little to alleviate pain for the long-term. That is simply because conventional medicine typically focuses on grouping symptoms under a name and then offering drug-based interventions. The downside of this approach is that, more often than not, the treatment addresses the symptoms without touching on the root cause of the health problem.

At Keough Chiropractic, we rely on functional medicine to provide holistic care to our patients. Functional medicine in St. Charles, MO, focuses on identifying the “why” and “how” of illness. By targeting the source of pain, we can provide long-lasting relief for our patients.

The Patient Experience

Functional medicine considers all the crucial components of an individual, including their lifestyle, dietary habits, genetics, and health history. Instead of merely glancing over your health records, our doctors in St. Charles, MO, will take time to gather sufficient information about you.

Besides checking your musculoskeletal health, our chiropractors spend time investigating your sleep patterns, exercise habits, diet, stress management habits, and other relevant behaviors.

We also undertake lab testing to check for food allergies, hormone levels, and nutritional deficiencies. Our in-house lab also allows us to perform genetic testing and other crucial tests that inform the diagnosis and treatment planning phases.

Our chiropractors then recommend personalized treatment based on the outcome of their comprehensive evaluation. Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, nutritional supplements, detox programs, and bio-identical hormones. Often, patients may also require lifestyle counseling in regards to stress management and physical exercise.

We also offer a 12-week program that heals the digestive, thyroid, and hormonal systems. The program includes:

  • Educational classes
  • 12-week Health Module Curriculum
  • Daily Nutritional Action Plan
  • Daily Motivational Messages
  • Digital tracking and communication from the doctor
  • 24/7 doctor centered support
  • Supplements, lab testing, as well as food allergy testing.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the gateway to feeling better and being better. If you’re tired of trying remedies that don’t work, get in touch with Keough Chiropractic today to experience patient-centered care in the form of functional medicine.

The key benefits of functional medicine include:

  • By viewing every patient as genetically and biochemically unique, functional medicine treats the individual and not the disease.
  • Functional medicine uses evidence to make sense of the complex relationships between various systems of your body.
  • By incorporating lab testing, functional medicine gives you more specific answers in regards to your health issues.
  • Functional medicine incorporates various therapies and treatment approaches to ensure the restoration of optimal function.

Have you been struggling with ongoing pain? Are you ready to get the answers and healing that you need to reclaim your life? Get in touch with Keough Chiropractic today to experience patient-centric functional medicine near you.

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