Why Functional Medicine is The Future of Medicine

Why Functional Medicine is The Future of Medicine

Mar 01, 2020

For many people, functional medicine is an ambiguous term, and though this is not a new field, most people are not acquainted with it. Now, it has gained traction and now becoming more mainstream.

Functional medicine is different from what we term as conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is disease-centered, whereas functional medicine is patient-centered. Functional medicine evolved from traditional medicine and is better suited to address 21st-century healthcare needs.

Functional medicine is appropriate for diabetes treatment, arthritis, high blood pressure, and so on. But the real question is, “What is functional medicine?”

Functional Medicine Facts

To better understand functional medicine, we have to contrast it with traditional medicine. In conventional medicine, your doctor or general practitioner would use hormones, drugs, or therapeutic tools to deal with disease or dysfunction.

Whenever you would consume high cholesterol foods, and in turn, have high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol levels, the model of care would generally be the same across the board. Even for diabetes, low thyroid, arthritis, back pains, and so on, they would use the standard model of care.

Even if you would be referred to a specialist, the primary tool employed is medication. The approach is simple. Diagnose the disease, then after diagnosis, match the illness with the right drug. This approach works best for infections, acute diseases, emergencies, and trauma.

But the downside of the conventional medicine approach is that it is ineffective in dealing with chronic diseases.

On the other hand, functional medicine specializes in identifying and dealing with the root cause of diseases. Each differential diagnosis or symptom may be one of many factors that are contributing to your illness.

The actual manifestation of each issue is dependent on the environment, your genes, and your lifestyle. A long-lasting treatment will have to address the precise cause of the disease and go past symptom suppression.

Functional Medicine Principles

Functional medicine is not counterintuitive but is anchored in science. For example, chiropractic procedures are known to alleviate back, joint, or neck pain without the use of drugs. Many believe it’s only about adjustment. But, it focuses on structure and function and seeks to correct the problem at its root.

It goes beyond the popping and can deal with other health issues by restoring excellent communication in your spinal cord. The spine is the chief communication system of the whole body; excellent communication can improve the function of your different organs. Without further ado, let’s look at the main principles that govern functional medicine:

  • It employs a science-based approach. We know that what goes on inside us is not as simple as action-reaction, but a web of relationships that have to be carefully examined. These relationships help us peer deeper into how the body functions in relation to diseases or dysfunction.
  • Functional medicine sees each patient as different, both biochemically and genetically. It is personalized health care that focuses on treating you and not the disease. The whole point is for your body to heal naturally rather than focusing directly on the condition.
  • It is anchored on the body’s natural ability to prevent and heal almost all diseases that come with age.
  • In functional medicine, we use your body’s natural intelligence and its self-regulating properties to bring about balance in your body systems.
  • Finally, health is not only the lack of disease but also having vitality.

Your doctor will ask himself, “What disease is this and which drug can I administer?” Our functional medicine doctor in Saint Charles, MO, will ask, “Why do you have this disease?” and “Why isn’t your body functioning well?” Then the last question will be, “How do we help you restore function?” This is the significant difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine.

By changing our approach to focus on you as our patient, gives us an edge that can support holistic healing. We look at illness and health as part of a cycle where the human system interacts with the environment. This process enables us to look for lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that may play a big part in getting you healthy again.

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