How to Keep Your Back Healthy While Working From Home

How to Keep Your Back Healthy While Working From Home

Oct 01, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were approximately 26 million Americans who worked from home. This roughly translates to 1 out of 6 people. However, this number has sky-rocketed ever since states required people to work from home to curb the disease’s spread.

But the problem is that most people have not designed their homes to accommodate ergonomic office furniture. So, that’s why most people are using a computer or a laptop on a kitchen countertop, or a regular table, or a bed. If this describes your situation, then there is a high probability that you will eventually have an unhealthy posture by the day’s end.

It is probable that even after the pandemic that most companies will consider this to be the new norm, and people will have to embrace this trend.

Working at home has its perks, but you risk having long-term issues if it’s done wrongly. For this reason, we have some nuggets of wisdom that help keep your back healthy and prevent muscular and bone pain.

Sit to Match Your Body

When it comes to sitting, you cannot really have a one size fits all kind of scenario. However, we have a guideline that can help you sit properly for maximum comfort so that you do not hurt your back.

When sitting, try to have a tall spine, with your knees at a 90-degree angle. You need to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor or a footrest. Also, your elbows need to be relaxed; this means that they should be nicely bent. For you to avoid discomfort, your shoulders and shoulder blades should float lightly.

If you notice that you are slumping, try to adjust your posture since it can harm your back. At the same time, sitting too rigid can also cause problems. In any case, the whole idea is to sit tall, supported, and relaxed.

Household Props That Can Help Improve Your Posture

You might not have invested in ergonomic office equipment, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot sit as you should. Some household props can be used to improve your home office.

You can take boxes or books to help you prop your computer or laptop. Small cushions can be placed behind your back for support. Look for towels and then roll them up and place them under your wrist for support. If your chair isn’t comfortable, you can add a small cushion under your bottom. To create a little footrest, you can use boxes or little stools.

How to Set up Your Work Space

To get the best balance and achieve more in a day, you need to set up your workspace, considering its impact on your mind and body. Here are some suggestions:

    • Put your screen at a comfortable eye level. This means that you should not look down on your laptop or computer screen. Plus, avoid placing your screen at an angle that will force you to twist your neck. Placing your screen on the side while the keyboard is in front of you can also cause neck pain.
    • Use a wireless keyboard and mouse when using a laptop. This will allow you to put your screen at a higher level.
    • Your feet should be on the floor. Your thighs are supposed to be parallel to the floor and the knees slightly lower or the same height as your hips.
    • Your forearms should be relaxed at a 90-degree angle, and your shoulders should not cuddle the ears; they should be relaxed.
    • Sit back in your chair so that you don’t hunch forward. This is because the lower back will curve into the body, which will lead to back pain. The backrest should support some of your body weight.
    • Avoid leaning forward. This posture is not suitable for your neck and shoulders.

It is vital for you to always listen to your body when working because there are signals that will help you find the right posture. Whenever you feel aches, you need to adjust your posture until you feel comfortable.

In Closing

Working at home can be convenient, but you have to make it work. Most people forget to take breaks and go for walks, which will help you unwind and increase blood flow. Moving around is essential; being sedentary can lead to other health issues. It’s vital if you stretch every now and then to release some tension.

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