Everything You Should Know About Functional Medicine

Everything You Should Know About Functional Medicine

Apr 01, 2020

Modern medicine has grown a lot, thanks to technology. People everywhere are becoming more self-conscious making them chase after solutions that improve the quality of their lives. No wonder celebrities and researchers are advocating for functional medicine more today than ever.

What is Functional Medicine?

It is a fast-growing field of medicine that focuses on biological approaches to finding and addressing the root underlying causes of diseases. The medicine works in the notion that every symptom is just one of the many indicators that contribute to the actual disease.

A good example is inflammation. If that symptom is detected in your body, there could be many diagnoses for it. The diagnosis could range from internal injuries, fractures, and bruise to depression and anxiety or even a mere allergic reaction. Finding the underlying cause of the inflammation, therefore, is the best way to ensure you cater to the inflamed part while avoiding a future progression of the condition.

More about Functional Medicine

Given the different diagnoses that can result from a symptom of a disease that can manifest because of another symptom, functional medicine has had to work differently. Instead of a disease-centered strategy like in traditional methods, functional medicine looks at treatment as patient-centered. This means that the chiropractor at St. Charles MO no longer considers symptoms as an isolated aspect. Rather, your doctor will use functional medicine to address your whole person and find all underlying problems you may have.

The method of addressing and individual as a whole entity instead of isolating the symptoms makes every patient unique. With very similar symptoms, it is possible for two patients to have completely different root diseases.

The uniqueness of functional medicine has doctors analyze the environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors of a patient. These factors contribute largely to the health of the patient. Genetic science and system biology are, therefore, a big part of functional medicine.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

  • Addressing underlying problems – getting to the root of the disease has nothing to do with suppressing the symptoms that show. Instead, it is about analyzing the different parts of the body, with a keen look at the lifestyle of genetic factors that could play a role in the result.
  • Patient-centered approach – this approach works better than the one that focuses on diseases and symptoms. For example, when seeking arthritis treatment, you want your doctor to consider your particular health condition, rather than relying on your symptoms as an isolated entity to determine the fate of your health.
  • When the patient-centered approach is used, patients end up getting better value provision from their doctors.
    Promotion of positive vitality – a healthy body does not necessarily translate to the absence of disease. Ideally, you can be free from disease, but still not leading a healthy lifestyle. Functional medicine focuses on positive vitality so that a healthy lifestyle transcends treating diseases.
  • Upholding dynamic balance – for you to be healthy, it should incorporate both your internal and external parts of your body. Good health goes beyond treating a disease. It is about finding a dynamic balance in your spirit, mind, and body. This is possible because functional medicine considers the patient first, rather than the symptoms.
  • Based on a preventive approach – while a symptom might be why you approached a functional medicine practitioner, you get more out of the treatment. The preventive approach ensures that once your underlying disease is mitigated, progression is also limited. Further, you focus on wholesome health that ensures your body’s immune mechanism is at its best for preventive care.
  • Cost-effective – if you pay attention, you learn that functional medicine is cost-effective in the long run. You do not have to spend all your money on treating symptoms. Instead, getting to the underlying problem allows you to mitigate the disease once and for all. From there, you focus on keeping up with your health, which is much cheaper than spending the entirety of your life dedicated to different medications.
  • Biochemical individuality – this is the only way to ensure that every patient is viewed as a unique entity. The environment around you as well as your genetic composition makes you unique. This means that the outcome of your health should not be treated similarly to everyone else. Functional medicine promotes this concept by ensuring that every patient is handled as an individual instead of similar to all other patients. This is possible by observing the unique biochemical factors and tying them with your lifestyle choices.

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