Breastfeed and Chiropractic

Breastfeed and Chiropractic

Sep 07, 2021

Breastfeeding issues are one of the main reason mothers bring their babies in to Keough Chiropractic. Nursing can be an amazing adventure but getting off to the right start is imperative for a successful nursing relationship. We recommend taking the following 3 steps in you are expecting or have a new baby and desire an amazing breastfeeding journey.

  • If you are pregnant, take a breastfeeding class during pregnancy to gain a better understanding of what to expect when you start nursing. Having this information ahead of time makes a world of a difference once baby is here. If you didn’t have time for a class or wasn’t aware this was an option, don’t despair. Read on for the next two tips.
  • Once baby arrives seek out the help of a trained lactation consultant for support. We recommend finding an IBCLC (International board-certified lactation consultant). They will be able to properly assess your baby’s latch and make necessary adjustments to help build the foundation for a wonderful nursing journey.
  • We also recommend having your baby assessed by a trained pediatric chiropractor. Birth can cause stress to the delicate structures of the cranium and spine which can affect how the infant’s nervous system functions. These dysfunctions can affect the function of the mouth and lead to symptoms such as weak latch, laziness or falling asleep at the breast, decreased ability to transfer milk, clicking at the breast or preference to only nurse on one side. Pediatric chiropractic and cranial adjusting can make a world of a difference for getting to the root of these issue to fully allow nursing to take place.

Additionally, there are many things that we may not see as “issues” in our infants or toddlers such as uneven cranial bones, flat spots on the back of the head, gait issues, distain for tummy time, inability or uninterested in crawling/walking, not meeting milestones on time, fussiness/irritation, and constipation.
If you’re little one isn’t seeing a pediatric chiropractor, find one today and have them assessed. It’s one of the best things you can do to give them a great start in life and beyond!

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